Seamstress. Fashion Designer. Sartorialist.

As owner of MFD Fashion Boutique and Marie Francis Designs, Dr. Marilyn creates fashion for the FREE-spirited fashion role model regardless of age, size, sex, height, origin or size. Marilyn’s fashion esthetic is a mix of various cultures and fabrics that span across the globe to include Africa with an influence of India, Asia, London, Europe and the Caribbean. Her inspiration came from her mom who was a plus size woman and who never complained or made her size a point of discussion. Her mom was a confidently fashionable and saucy woman who owned her size and gave life to whatever she designed and made for herself to wear. Fashion has always been a part of the Francis family lifestyle. Marilyn made her first outfit in her teenage years when she turned her frustration into creation when she could not have an outfit made for her to attend an event. That was only the beginning, she designed, cut and made her first pants suit in one day and wore it confidently to that special event. As a self-taught designer and seamstress, Marilyn who eat, sleep, dream and breathe fashion believes that fashion inspiration can be found in everything and in everyone especially the outdoors as she observes the seasons change and the transformation of flowers as they bloom and fade paying special attention to colors and see how they tie in to the colors and mix of fabrics.

To Marilyn, fashion is not just about the clothes, it is also about the fit, the personality, the confidence and the ATTITUDE of the person wearing it. Marilyn believes that fashion should be an extension of one’s personality. Give Marilyn positive attitude and she will give you fashion to match your personality as the both of you work together to forge a bond and cultivate a working fashion relationship. The entire fashion package when created, speaks for itself allowing the fashion role model to enjoy their own sense of style as their Fashion Story is told without one word being spoken. Marilyn’s favorite fashion moment is when a fashion role model confidence explodes at the right fit and they feel like they are on top of the world…. that feeling is everything…it is your RED carpet moment.